Look at the Asian culture in the eyes of Europeans with high - level tabulation

Has seen some claims that "Asia is a very mysterious place for many Europeans." Do not know whether this sentence is also applicable now, after all, modern people can still be through various channels to understand and experience the various local life and culture. But the Asian culture and the essence of a long, but has its own unique charm, and Asians for some of the views of things and give them the deep meaning, but also attract the love of the people listening to the story of Europe. Chinese love Patek Philippe's Chinese love Patek Philippe's Chinese love Refer to the Chinese love, I said here Patek Philippe. Whether it is in the collection of antiques in the Geneva Museum of timepieces, or the introduction of modern watch clock, Patek Philippe has a lot of elements of Chinese culture. 2005 Patek Philippe settled in the Chinese market, the Bund in Shanghai and Beijing Qianmen 23, respectively, two Patek Philippe stores, known as Patek Philippe source Di (Maison Patek Philippe). In the opening of the two major sources, specially introduced when the special section, including the opening of the Shanghai source dome launched when the dome clock 5, pocket watch 6, watch 2, and the opening of the Beijing source opened the wrist watch 2, and those who source of special diary is only Patek Philippe Chinese love a small part. "Kanagawa Janglang" is the famous woodcut of Japanese painter Katsushika Hokusai, first appeared in Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji. "Kanagawa waves" is the most famous piece of Beizhai and one of the most famous Japanese paintings in the world. It is found in world-famous museums such as the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the British Museum in London and the Museum of Fine Arts in Chicago. A collection of drawings. Blancpain this year launched the "master of art" wave technology watch is the background of this painting and creation, making the dial, the first part of the fixed engraved in the red copper base material, after soaking in the EGL rokushō copper salt , To create a unique green-gray color. At the same time, part of the spray for polishing, in the stop grid moment, to enhance the texture of the waves rolling volume, and finally the whole carved inset fixed on the Mexican obsidian (a translucent volcanic rocks). peony Chopard Peony watch Originated in Central Asia, Peony was originally planted as a medicinal plant for the treatment of a wide range of diseases, and thus symbolizes the health of Antai, which is believed to bring good fortune, prosperity and happiness, and represents wealth and honor. In the Tang Dynasty, the cultural connotation of peony was particularly important. Flowers and even linked with the country, full of peony symbolizes the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty. Peony in the hands of Chopin watchmaker, with fleurisanne carving techniques presented, the first carving in addition to the pattern around the material. The vortex pattern and floral pattern are then engraved on the remaining surface and polished. Around the pattern, one by one carved points carved, and ultimately the formation of grainy appearance. Chinese screen Chanel Mademoiselle Privé jewelry watch Chanel Mademoiselle Privé jewelry series of watches in the "Coromandel Oriental screen dial" series, inspired by Ms. Chanel's collection of Chinese screens. Ms. Chanel collection of a lot of Chinese life before the screen, above the Oriental temple carved pagodas, lions, like people, flowers and birds, as well as her work in the recurring camellia and Phoenix. Heard that Ms. Chanel has said: "From the age of 18, I fell in love with this Chinese screen.I first entered a Chinese antique shop, almost excited to faint ... ..." This year Chanel to micro-painted again on the dial to reproduce the Chinese ebony paint on the screen pattern. These watch the use of large fire enamel process, combined with replica watches precious stones carved or carved gold patterns, like those antique screens, as gorgeous and full of flavor. Traditional origami art Dior Dior Grand Soir Origami watch Everyone should be no stranger to origami, for the pursuit of the beauty of traditional art, is the big names are recognized. Dior Dior Grand Soir Origami watch origami traditional origami art, with mother of pearl and other precious stones mosaic mosaic, showing a three-dimensional Smart origami effect. In addition, the Dior in the advanced custom clothing, the same will be through the soft fabric to create a building-like structure, in order to express the blending of Eastern and Western cultures. The impact of Asian culture on Christian Dior can be found in the memoirs of Christian Dior, in his description of the first floor of a large mansion in Normandy Granville at the time of his childhood: "Japanese frescoes from the rolex replica staircase Extending to the ceiling, these mural paintings that imitate the Utamaro and Hokusai are my Sistine cathedral. Mother-of-pearl lacquer ware is a kind of lacquer ware with mosaic decoration, which is sometimes used in the screen, home, storage box in the past, such as gold and silver strips. Jacques Delo's craftsmen use this old technology, in the small dial (Petite Heure Minute) watch dial, in full bloom image to express. Mother of pearl shell after the first polishing, and then carved craftsmen carved out of the fine outline of hand-drawn, so that a good mosaic which handled maternal. Dragon Cartier Dragon Mystérieux dragon decoration mysterious hour watch Full of oriental charm of the dragon totem is the Cartier watch jewelry common decorative elements. This year, Cartier has launched a Dragon Mystérieux dragon decoration mysterious hour watch. Dragon entrenched mysterious dial around, scales inlaid diamonds, eyes set with emeralds, coral alternating dragon body and side detail, between the horns inlaid a weight 23.77 karats of the multi-cut pillow-shaped fire opal. embroidery Vacheron Constantin master of the "legendary decoration" series Embroidery in China can be considered an ancient process, there are at least two or three thousand years of history. Embroidery in the use of the watch is not rare, but the traditional tabulation process to show the practice of embroidery is not common. The master of the "Chinese Embroidery" in the legendary decoration of the Master of the Vacheron Constantin presents the Chinese embroidery in the eyes of Swiss watchmakers in the process of mosaic, carving and gemstone gemstones. With a completely different expression to embody the Chinese embroidery, this uk replica watches bold idea and practice is really wonderful. Bruce Lee Yu-ship Big Bang soul Bruce Lee limited edition watch Bruce Lee is the representative of the East-West cultural fusion, he is the Chinese martial arts spread to the vanguard of the world, while the origin of the Taoist philosophy from the East with Wing Chun, Western boxing and karate and taekwondo bold combination, created Jeet Kune Do. His fusion of the way it is with the Hublot advocated by the "fusion of art" coincide. So early this year, Yu-ship watch together with the Bruce Lee Foundation held a "Be Water My Friend - Bruce Lee Memorial Exhibition", and launched the barrel type Big Bang soul Bruce Lee limited edition watch. This watch by the Bruce Lee Foundation to design, blue-based colors, inspired by Bruce Lee's life motto - Be Water My Friend, and printed on the bottom of the watch. Dial design using Bruce Lee's home study of an important painting, hand-painted by the Bruce Lee's one-stop style, two ruby ​​eyes for the eyes.